“I’m going to caper off into the mountains where no one can bother me. I’ll pick greens from my garden and wallow in solitude.”

Behind the welling silence, the TV that drones on without care.

“Don’t run away. Please.”

I glance sharply at him. “Why not? You’ll do fine without me! But me, I’ll die here beside you.”

Provocation does not work. It never has and it doesn’t disappoint today. His face pinches inward and the usual silence shrouds over him. He has used up his word limit for the day. I sigh and shove down the thoughts that arise from deep within… lonely … I long for … I stay for … I will stay for … too late for …… a conversation! … hurt….

My mind capers off and onward until I am upon death’s threshold, where I turn around and see him left behind. Before I can take another step, Death has also taken a look, rescinded her invitation, and sent me back home.


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