Tether (n.): a teether that has lost one of its teeth.

I frown and type again.

Teether(n.): one who has teeth, esp. infants or infantile cats.

I look down and see my cat curled up against my stool. A minute later, a disgruntled tabby goes streaking down the hallway, mouth sore from meddling human fingers.

So. Alice isn’t a tether – although he is infantile and seems to be teething all the time. Perching back on my stool, I don’t know if I’m relieved at my cat’s absence of conditions or disappointed at my possession of an ordinary cat. I try again.

Infant(n.): one who is in the stage of development.

Might I say that I am an infant? Isn’t my desk at this very moment strewn with self-help tomes, covers plastered with smiling folks with the smug desire to help others pass from stages of infancy to success?

I had lost several teeth to cavities.

Well then: so I am tethers.


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